Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Waterfall Braids

So today I am going to show some waterfall braids 
The first one is your basic waterfall braid that just falls right into place.

The waterfall feather braid is a little tricky yet similar.

This is the twist waterfall that is a harder, but not impossible.

There are so many tutorial online for these braids they are great for your everyday look.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fishtail Twist

Today I'm going to show you how to create a fishtail twist hairstyle.
Start by putting all of the hair on one side.

Divide the hair in half.
Then braid two fishtail braids. Here is our tutorial on fishtail braids
Take the two fishtails and twist them together. Keep them flat or it will look bad.

Once done secure with a rubber band and loosen it up a bit. Get it the way you want then bobby pin the two fishtail braids together making hard for it to move.

Have fun and enjoy!

Rose Pins

Today I'm going to show you how to make what I like to call rose pins. 

I've started by curling her hair. 

Then take a small section of hair.

Take that small section of hair and twist it to look like a small rose.

Do this again pulling it close to the first one. 

Do it one last time and you are done.

This is great for anything formal. Nothing big but does just the trick.

Elf Hair

Today I'm going to show a hairstyle inspired by the elves in the Hobbit movie that came out.
To start this hairstyle take a top section of hair.Don't grab to much or your Braid will look to large.

Then divide the top section into two and start a creating a lace braid on both sides. A lace braid is much like a french braid only you take hair from one side.On this lace braid take hair from the top.

Take the two lace braids and secure a rubber band holding them both together.

Next use your Topsy tail and wrap your hair around the rubber band. Then pull it through the bottom.

This makes it look like your a pro.

Then with the hair you have left over from the lace braids make a fishtail braid.
Here is our previous tutorial Fishtail Braid.

Next add some twists form the front and secure them with the same rubber band that you used for the fishtail braid.

Last use your Topsy tail just like you did before and you have you finished look.

This is a beautiful hairstyle that will have people starring in wonder.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Topsy Tail Tool Low Ponytail

Today I'm going  to show you how to create a low ponytail use what is called a Topsy Tail tool. You can get this at almost any of your local beauty supplies store. You can get one Here online, But I found mine at Walmart.
To start this ponytail divide your hair into three sections.

Using your Tools tail or even your fingers and pull your hair through bottom.

It should look like this when your done.

Go to the second section of hair and place your Topsy tail below the rubber band and put your hair in the loop. Then pull your hair though the bottom

It should look like this.

Put the Topsy tail in between your head and second rubber band twist. 

Then put your hair in the loop and pull though the bottom.

It should look like this.

Then move to third rubber band and place the Topsy tail below the rubber band.

Pull the hair through the bottom. It should look like this

Put the Topsy tails between and the twist. 

 Pull the second hair through the third rubber band twist.

It should look like this.

Your finish and ready for the day. This is great for a different look that you can use any time.

Have fun and enjoy!