Thursday, January 9, 2014

Twisted Pull Back

Today I going to show how to create a twisted pull back. 
This hairstyle is great for prom, church, or a formal event. 
Start by curling all of your hair. Feel free to use what ever curling iron you have available. The curling iron I used on Kenzie (My model) was a wand. Don't feel like you have to use a wand you can use what ever you want.
Now take a section of hair close to you face. The size of the section will be the size of the twist.
Then twist is the back of your head. Don't twist it too tight  you want it to look relaxed and soft.
 Bobby pin it where you would like the twist to stay. If you cross cross the bobby pins creating an X the twist will stay in better.
Then go to the other side and grab a section  of hair close to your face.
Twist and pull put above the first twist
Bobby pin it to stay. Try and hide the bobby pins under the first twist keeping then unseen.

Use hairspray and your done. 

Now go and party!

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